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Why do I hate tournaments?

Hi, Guys!

Today, I tell you why I hate tournaments and want play cash game.

I've played Omaha tournament in ACR. I had been playing for 2.75 hours when this happened.

I had been playing my best game and I had been getting good hands. So everything was fine. I was a candidate to final table. There was 24 players of us left. I was 9th in 6-max tournament.

But sometimes 90% don't enough to win... Yes, I remember my good exercise on how I can fight with tilt when I lose with nuts on flop or somewhere else on the other streets.


I got straight on the flop and Aggro Fish did bet that equals pot. I had pushed and got call instantly.

I had 89.1% to win. My opponent had nothing. But...


To be fair, there was one hand that allowed me to get back my chips.

On the turn, I thought that I can play check-raise and Aggro Fish do all for me.

I don't understand how this Aggro Fish was able to come to the top 8 players with this game. He just raised all hand and won. Or all player in the table folded.

I left tournament 9th.

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I play freerolls, save up start bankroll, want to play cash games, and dream to raise by the stakes.
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Vetal user
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This is Omaha. Just pain.

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Maximus0410 user
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Ahah... Yes))) Sometimes)))

But some players don't know how to play and think that if he has 4 cards he can get their outs easily and play with everything... So if you play only great hands and with the best combinations on the flop you can win often sometimes)))

Vetal user
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I play Omaha a lot now. I've seen enough of this.

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