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What to do if HUD doesn't operate at PartyPoker

PartyPoker 2019

One year ago PartyPoker made some changes in the poker room’s policy and now you no longer can watch the statistics on your opponent by the nickname. Now the hand history is recorded to the standard substitutes of nicknames: Player1, Player2, etc.

The hand history in such form was made especially for impossibility to deviate from the new changes. The hand history is given without nicknames of the players in order the users can analyze only their own hands, rather than their opponents ones.

What to do if HUD is not displayed at PartyPoker tables? There are several variants of solutions for this problem:

  1. Successful HUD operating is impossible at PartyPoker without installation Net.Framework no older than version 4.5. Note: these versions cannot be installed on the operating systems older than Windows7.
  2. “Setup” file must be run as administrator.
  3. The latest Holdem Manager version should be installed.

If the main panel is not displayed at the table, where it is indicated which HUD you are using, then your problem arises because of two reasons:

  • PartyPoker is installed not in English. In this case HUD won’t operate.
  • Wrong HUD that is used in another poker rooms is indicated for the displaying at PartyPoker tables.

If HUD doesn’t operate after all aforementioned actions we recommend you to contact support service

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