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What to do if Cashier isn’t launching at PokerStars

PokerStars 2019

When accessing Cashier at PokerStars, users may face the following problems:

  • Grey image.
  • The error "Embedded browser error message - 7".
  • The "Deposit" button isn’t working.

How to solve the problem with lunching Cashier at PokerStars

  1. Open the file manager (file browser) on your computer.
  2. Copy the following text % USERPROFILE% \ appdata \ local \ temp \ and paste it into the address bar that is located at the bottom of the window.​Cashier at PokerStars
  3. Delete the folder PokerStarsBrCache.

After that, log in to your PokerStars client and open the Cashier. The problem should be solved.

If you face this very error after completing the above steps, then contact the PokerStars customer support at support@pokerstars.com.

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