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What remains with us from playing poker?(Reflection)

What remains with us from playing poker?

Reflection is one of the most underrated tools that many people simply don’t use in life, and even more in poker.

People usually sit down to reflect at the end of the year, but just to clear their conscience)) When you act and learn, you achieve something. A large number of hands played, and even many “badly played” hands, is an achievement. I think many of you have read various articles about largest businessmen failures on the way to success.

In fact, failures and mistakes are feedback, they report that you made a mistake somewhere - tilt, play on autopilot, make technical mistakes etc. The learning process can be both passive and active, then each mistake carries a correction and learning something new. This is victory.

Think about your achievements, and even make a list - this will allow you to understand that next month you will not waste time but will make an investment in your own future.

Especially cool if you set any goals. In this case you can understand whether you have achieved them or not, as well as find the reasons for success and failure. You will take something with you in the new month / year, and leave something overboard - you decide.

Your knowledge

Watched waters, analyzed hands and read articles are all active learning. Someone does it less, someone more, but a rare person does nothing at all.

You have accumulated a lot of knowledge and were able to figure out some aspects that were previously inaccessible to you. This knowledge is built into the base of your poker I and make you better.

What have you learned? What did you learn? What are your strengths and weaknesses and what is worth working on? After thinking about this, you can come to completely unexpected results. This information is better to write down because it would be a good help for future development.

What is unusual in previous advice? Why I recommend you to make a notice? The fact is that structuring allows you to approach problems in the most rational way. It's easier to find solutions when you have a clear information written in black and white. When you simply hold a big data in your head, something will inevitably be lost at the back of the mind. This will not happen with the notices.

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