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Weekly Missions at Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker 2020

There is good news for Unibet Poker players. Now, NL25 and NL50 cash games have become even more profitable to play.

Starting April 1, the rake structure at Unibet Poker has changed, as the poker room has reduced rake at some limits.

Key changes in rake structure at Unibet Poker

  • Reduced rake at NL25.
  • Reduced rake at NL50.
  • Reduced rake at PL10 and PL25.
  • Increased rake at NL10, NL4 and PL4.
  • The maximum number of active tables (simultaneously) reduced from 8 to 6 at NL4.

Weekly Missions

Unibet Poker offers its players weekly missions, in which they can familiarize themselves with the improved rake structure. You can also earn valuable tickets for completing missions.

  1. Select the "Moving on up" promotion in the poker lobby.
  2. Complete the mission.
  3. Get a ticket to a cash game.Unibet Poker missions
  4. Reach the next limit and repeat the above-mentioned steps next week.
NL/PL4April 1-7

Reach the flop 25 times in 4 separate days and double up

NL/PL10April 8-14

Reach the flop 25 times in 4 separate days and double up

NL/PL25April 15-21

Reach the flop 35 times in 4 separate days and double up

NL/PL50April 22-28

Reach the flop 50 times in 4 separate days and double up twice

Important details

  • The offer is available from 1st to 28th April.
  • Banzai games do not count towards this promotion.
  • The tickets remain valid for 7 days. If you don’t use them, then they will be void after the given period.
  • To exchange the ticket for money, you need to play 300 flops.
  • It's not necessary to complete the mission of the first week to start the next one.
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