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Tournament Shark review

Tournament Shark

Tournament Shark is a poker program for tournament players, which is also called a tournament HUD from Poker Pro Labs. It is intended for stronger regulars; however beginners and players who have just moved to tournament poker from cash can also try using it.

A big advantage of this soft is a fact that it doesn’t fill a lot of space on the computer since the program takes hands history from the internet-resource of Poker pro Lab but not from the overloaded database that may contain several GB.

Tournament Shark supports all types of tournaments: MTT, SNG, HU.

There are three main points of the program that players can use:

  • HUD for tournament players is a set of statistical indicators for every player, which is collected on the basis of the previous games, prize places, ROI, preferred buy-ins and so on. You can select the displayed stats yourself and set up the HUD as it is comfortable for you.
  • A large base of tournament data – Poker Pro Labs database has collected the hands history of all online-tournaments in popular poker-rooms played in the last couple of years, is statistics on more than 30 000 000 poker players based on results of more than 900 000 000 tournaments. It gives an opportunity to see the statistics of different tournament players and also it indicates that the stats, displayed in HUD, are based on detailed information that has been collected for years.
  • Players' rating. Besides the collecting statistics, Tournament Shark also calculates the efficiency of every poker player, ranks and assigns a status according to the seniority of cards in poker (from 2 to Ace). Even without understanding the stats, you can see that a player with Ace rank is strong in tournaments and the one with "2" rank is either weak or beginner.

The software is very easy to use. Just start the installed program and minimize it when you don’t use it. Tournament Shark will continue to work in the background and when you start a new tournament in any of supported poker-room, it will open automatically and will connect to your new tables.

Please pay attention, in order to see the data you have to log in on

You can use Tournament Shark at any number of tables simultaneously.

Since the program data is stored on a special "cloud", you can use it on any computer.

You can easily change the language of the Tournament Shark. All you need to do is to click on the button "Language" in the upper bar of the program and select a needed one from the list (if it is available). Then reboot the application.

The program is supported by the following poker rooms:

The application displays the following data for every player at the table:

  • Seat at the table
  • Player’s name or rather – his nickname
  • Rating
  • A number of played games
  • Average profit
  • Average buy-in
  • Winnings / Loses
  • The positions on which a player finishes the tournament (as a percentage in columns)

Tournament Shark statistics

​Poker players know almost all these indicators and it makes no sense to explain them.

We should pay special attention maybe just to decryption on how the value of positions, where the player finishes in the tournament, is determined:

  • E% (% of Early finishes) a percentage of finishing the game in early positions (90-100% for MTT, 80-100% for SNG).
  • EM% (% of Early-Middle finishes) a percentage of finishing the game in early-middle positions (70-90% for МТТ, 60-80% for SNG).
  • M% (% of Middle finishes) a percentage of finishing the game in middle positions (30-70% for МТТ, 40-60% for SNG).
  • LM% (% of Late-Middle finishes) a percentage of finishing the game in late-middle positions (10-30% for МТТ, 20-40% for SNG).
  • L% (% of Late finishes) a percentage of finishing the game in late positions (0-10% for МТТ, 0-20% for SNG).

For example, if you have taken the 12th place out of 100 players in the MTT tournament, then your position is 12% in percentage terms. It is in the range of 10% -30% which means that you have finished in the Late-Middle position. If you have taken the 22nd place out of 200 players, then your position is 11% in the percentage terms and you have also finished in the Late-Middle position (10% -30%).

The application indicates the percentage of frequency a player ends the game in a particular position. If there are more than 50% in E% column – it means that the player is out of the tournament at the early stage in most cases, and if he has a large percentage in LM% and L% columns - then he is a stronger player who often gets into prizes.

The longer period you buy the application for, the cheaper it turns out to be for you (calculated per month of use).

  • 1 month – 12,99 $
  • Half a year – 39,99 $ (6,66 $ a month – 37,95 $ of saving)
  • Year – 54,99 $ (4,58 $ a month – 100, 89 $ of saving)
  • 2 years – 79,99 $ (3,33 $ a month – 231,77 $ of saving)

You can use Tournament Shark for free. A limited version will be available for you after registering and installing the program; using it you can make up to 50 searches a day.