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To hate or to love?

Hello guys,

I was very excited to see new authors today, this is the best I could expect from this day. My journey today into poker ended very soon, because after busting out of first two tournaments, I decided to take a break and spend some time with my girlfriend, who I completly ignored last two weeks.

The things I like in poker:

1) Gamble

It gives me a spark, which lites up most of my emotions. I can't experience this doing anythig else. It makes me spend time thinking of it and trying to be better at it.

2) Uncovers my personality.

Poker is a lot like life, with same fears and peronality leaks. I managed to become a better person, while working on my poker game.

3) It's my own schedule.

This is one of the best part, I can play when ever and where ever.

4) New relashionship.

I made a lot of interesting connections playing poker. Most of the people are very intersting to listen to talking random subjects.

5) Becoming Pro.

The idea of becoming a pro played and travel aroung the globe, playing tournaments is one of the best I can imagine.

What I hate about poker:

1) I hate when people slow play

Early age of poker, I heard, you could've got into a lot of troube for doing so, kind of sorry it's now 2020.

2) When a player doubles up and leaves the table.

It's just disgustin, especially when you got rivered.

3) Playing online, I really hate when the client freezes.

Imagine you have a top pocket pairs, but you fold preflop, because you couldn't press anything. Happened to me a few times and I couldn't control myself those times.

4) I hate when players take too much time.

I know some decisions are too difficult to make, I am not talking about that now, but I really hate, when your every decision is like that. Especially players in tournaments, that wait for the bubble.

5) I really hate people, that curse on the dealer after loosing a hand.

This was very common in casinos, I used to play and once I even got into trouble, trying to make such player appologize.

What's on your list?

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Comments (4)
Julianna user
User's aura Julianna 554

great post! 

your own schedule and new friends - the best in poker)

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deviles2006 user
User's aura deviles2006 310

"I hate when people slow play"  sometimes I use this like a option to have got an advantage from weak players

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SanSan1Time user
User's aura SanSan1Time 1159

I meant more of a slow roll, but yeah it's just not fun anyways. I stopped slowplay and switched more to the min raise.

deviles2006 user
User's aura deviles2006 310


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