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Tilt as a consequence of a downstreak.

Greetings to all! Good mood to you all!

  In a previous post I touched on the downtrick and casually mentioned such a phenomenon in poker as tilt. Tilt is a downstreak consequence.  Sometimes we lose part of the box office not because of mistakes in strategy and tactics, but because of your mood, passion and attitude to the game. So what is tilt?

Til in poker (Tilt) - is a special psychological condition due to which the player becomes subject to excitement and cannot make rational decisions based on mathematical calculations and other aspects of poker strategy.

  Both inexperienced players and professional poker players are prone to tilt. It all depends on the individual susceptibility of the player's psyche to unfavorable factors, which sometimes have nothing to do with poker. 

  The main reasons why Tilt appears in poker are:

  • Losing;
  • Winning;
  • Fatigue;
  • Downstream;
  • Problems not related to poker(  for example: problems at work, in the family, lack of finance.);
  • Alcohol ( an exception is the intake of alcohol in small doses).

  Tilt in poker is divided into two types, each of which can be identified in different ways:

Explicit - usually appears suddenly and is expressed in making too risky decisions, the presence of a lot of gross mistakes. The surest way to deal with this condition is to take a break from the game. The poker player needs to rest, think over his game behavior or completely distract himself from the game for a while.

Hidden - is a rather dangerous type of psychological state, since it is quite difficult to identify it. It usually appears gradually, increasing and exacerbating the impact on performance. As a consequence, there is a gradual fall in the player's profit or an increase in losses. Such a player usually looks like he plays according to his usual strategy, but makes a number of mistakes. The method of struggle is the same as in the previous case - it is important to take a break, restore the psychological state, correct the strategy, eliminating the mistakes made.

  Tilt in poker is the first enemy of the player after not knowing poker strategy and lack of experience. Remember, if you deny the occurrence of the Tilt state, this indicates that you are already susceptible to it.

    After the downtrend, I also underwent this condition and showed not the best game.

Good luck and good game!

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Problems not related to poker

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Good luck and good game!

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Good luck

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