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Three common fears in poker

Fear in poker

A lot of different articles about tilt in poker have already been written, however less attention was given to the poker fear. Fear is a very complex problem and if you don’t come to grips with it, you can ruin your results. Fear appears as a result of accumulated anxiety, and anxiety appears because of doubt and uncertainty. If you have already learned all the poker combinations by seniority, but you are still afraid to sit at the poker table, then this article is for you.

Fear of losing

This is one of the main fears among the players. However, different players have different attitudes to it. For some players it is a failure, but for the other – one of the stages towards the goal. It is important here not to give up and continue to move towards your goal. The fear of defeat is caused by one or more mistakes:

  • High expectations. It is considered that only 10% plays poker profitably, and for some reason every second person is sure that he/she will be among this percentage. Many people play poker, just like a football, but only a few become stars.
  • Lack of ability to notice your progress. This happens in a situation when you pay too much attention to the failures, and you don’t see your success. You shouldn’t be so self-critical. Analyze your results again, perhaps you missed something important.
  • It is impossible to win all the time in poker. Most of the players understand that there isn’t possibility to win in poker every time due to the fact of dispersion. An attempt to recoup at the higher limits will lead to the bankroll wreck, and an excessive amount of time in the game will lead to a deterioration of your psychological and physical state.


Fear of success

Oddly enough, but there are people who are afraid of success. Some poker players think that easy money will spoil their characters or alienate the friends. Perhaps, you are afraid of being accused of undeserved success, because people only see the exterior shell. Those, who are unaware of poker, even don’t realize what efforts are being made for winning. We can assure you that it is the smallest fear and you shouldn’t worry about that. Don’t hasten with the dreams, when you win your first million – then start worrying.

Fear of limits growth

Step to the next limit is one of the most important and difficult moments in the life of every player. Proceeding to a higher limit means either greater earnings, or loss and failure of hopes. Everything depends on the level of your play, but do not be too afraid of it, because it is very dangerous to play under the pressure. In order to avoid such situations, you should carefully prepare for this transition. Learn the difference between limits, keep an eye on the players at this limit, work well on your mistakes and shortcomings. Increase your limits gradually in order these actions won’t become the reason of an excessive stress for you.

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