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The white seal #2 Session

The poker room is nice, but i had a hard one ( probably because i forced a little bit the limits)

As i said, the challenge goes on in every moment that i sit down at my desk.

After some search i found some cash tables without rake which can help me a lot in my mission:

Wonderfull, right? I will pay no rake untill i have 100Chips , after my plans...

I sat down and played lots untill this hand:

I was shure he had no bigger stright, so i called even if he overbet a lot! He had 75o, rvr? 5...done , down to reconstructing bankroll :)

Was fun that i hit one time 12Chips!

NEW BANKROLL: 1.78 Chips

On the other side i won few other tournaments, and hit a hand that was never existed before:

He shoved me on flop!

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Vetal user
User's aura Vetal 1761

hard bad beat

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McFly user
User's aura McFly 163

I like this Seal! 😎never heard of this room before so it's interesting to read about

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User's aura GER4SOUL 398

you can try it! they have only chips, your mind is not anymore at money! i have only one target : 1 milion chips! which means 1BTC

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