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The first victory of "ilsy168" who lost $5 000 000 in a month

This autumn, the GG Network has started to run Blade tournaments with an entry fee of $25 000. The special feature of the events is that they do not have a guarantee and are held in 8-max format.

Registration for the tournament is available throughout two hours after its start, and all players are able to take advantage of an unlimited re-entry option. Despite the $25 000 buy-in, which is pretty big amount of money, some players are actively using this option.

Malaysian player performing under the "ilsy168" nickname has become the record holder on this indicator. The guy spares no money, and the quality of his game leaves much to be desired. In one of the aforementioned tournaments, the Malaysian made 11 re-entries cost $25 000 each, but it didn't help him to reach the prize zone. He finished the event one step away from the ITM.

Blade tournaments

Many players from the poker community noticed his weak playing, and some even started bum hunting him in events held on the GG Network.

The poker player started playing online just a year ago, and he did not stand out among other players. But everything changed in September 2019, when Blade tournaments appeared in the GG Network. During the last month, "ilsy168" lost $5 000 000 in total. At Sharkscope, the guy’s graph looks as follows:


Everyone can see that results of the Malaysian player were taking a tumble, but there was a slight deviation yesterday – ilsy168 won the $25 000 Blade Tournament. For finishing first, he received $468 000 in prize money. It is of interest to note that the player did not make a single re-entry during the tournament:

Blade events GG Netwotk

Does this mean that a white streak has begun in his tournament performing? Over time, we will figure it out, and high rollers can continue their hunt for the Malaysian player, since such events are held every hour on the GG Network.

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