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The blue seal #10.5 Session = 1¢ and a dream!

Yesterday i couldn't loose on 11th place catching the 15$ for my bankroll, and i had to play the 16.5$ Buy-in event with 4000$ GTD, which was a decent event to play. I was really tired, but still played in it!

Was a KO, with 2.75$ on every head, which, again is a huge advantage to play it! I didn't cash it it, but it was a pleasure to be in!

Another day playing like a champion without any bankroll lol!

Today we start, again, for the 3rd time with few cents winning some tickets for nice events:

Just started! Buyin 1¢ for a 109$ ticket!!!!

The target mtt is this beauty:

I decided to spend more time with my dauther, if this event is not a succes :).

GL in your Sunday Sessions!

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MrKaplin user
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In this KO, I somehow made it 2 the pre-final table, knocking out as much as more than 100 bucks, a good MTT) GL GL

The target mtt is this beauty:

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User's aura GER4SOUL 388

keep grinding!

Vetal user
User's aura Vetal 2219

Buyin 1¢ for a 109$ ticket!!!!

Few prizes and so many people willing.

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