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The blue seal #10.2 Session = The KING and his "professonal try"!

Why "AREA 55"? Well, i won this 55$ ticket:

in this event:

Was a nice restricted event , with an aditional 350$ for the first place for a nice event in KING'S CASINO (which is at 200km from here, Germany).  After 2h30' i defeated 339 players, winning a nice 55$ ticket. Because in the next day i worked after 12PM, i decided to register in a 888Millions event with 30.000$ GTD, which was a real succes ( in the beginning - tripled up my stack...)

Someone just shoved his 15BB from BTN with K5o on my 99' from BB....i intended at first to fold (because i had no info about this player. But after i saw that i have only 17BB, i decided to call because, for shure he can have only overcards.... He hits 2 pairs in flop , turn 7 rvr 7....and this was my journey in my first 55$ buyin mtt from this challenge.


1. I was preety confortable in this mtt, i made the right reads and i played my best.

2. Now i am thinking that, if i will hit this chance one more time, i will let my ticket staying in my account for finding the best day to play it ( in this situation were better a KO tournament with 12,5$KO on everyone from the table.That would increased my bankroll , and why not, gaining a decent bankroll, pushing me in "smaller fields" , mtts with bigger buyins = not so many players in these events.

3. My PokerTraker4 doesn't let me to use HUD ( i paid for maximum 22$ buyin) , so this event was out from my range. Probably i will update when i will be a regular on these fields.

4. I was a little tired after playing some other events, and probably  i lost from my focus.

5. This session wasn't from the beginning streamed on my twitch channell GER4SOUL, but i started when i gained a decent stack in that GPD event.

6. I dont really like the ideea to use the entire ticket, for example other poker rooms let you "cashout" the value of the ticket for a small fee, or remain in your account like T$, which can be used like a normal bankroll only in tournaments buyins ( i am not shure if you can withdraw for a fee also..)

In the same time, i won a nice 5.5$ ticket from a a satelite:

The most wonderfull hand, look ACES HOLD:

I had a huge stack, but after some tries to KO someone for 1.25$ each.....i lost shoving with 99. The chipleader called me w A7o..hitting an ace in the flop...

And after all of these failures, the question is: "What i wonn today???"

1. A new level = 45. I started this challenge when i was 44. And i received this nice gift:

with a freebet of 3$ on sports. I already bet , hope to win tomorrow ~4$ ( safety bets).

2. One ticket here:

which is really turbo, lost on this hand:

3. A free spin daily, which can give me tickets for mtts like 33$, 16.5$ or 5.5$ and some other tickets for some huge freerolls. Hope for these tickets! I will let you know when i will hit something special.

Wondering bankroll: 0.10$

and one motto: GET RICH OR TRY BLUFFIN'!

GL at your work!

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