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The birth of a true regular

Hello, in the last post, I asked you about the direction in which you are pumped the worst

The birth of a true regular happens when the player begins to realize that he's actually not so good and he needs to pump up some directions.

One of the direction that you shall pump up is the Strategy.

Many people generally think that they have problems with it, later you will understand that everything is not so clear.

What is the strategy in general? It is a set of activities in the work on the game that gives you a mathematical advantage over the field.

Consists of:

Preflop. How to play preflop correctly, to compose plus spectrum of opening, styles, 3bets, 4bets, 5bets, that is, everything related to preflop.

Postflop - the spectrum of continuation, when to set, with what sizes, with what frequencies to continue.

Algorithms for making the right decisions help to tie together all your actions and build a tough logic of the game.

Within the framework of the strategy, the same model works as in the basic model of a poker professional.
For example, you can play great postflop, read statistics, spectrum, use the right sizing, but what would you do if you made a mistake earlier? You will lose money, the whole model will be destroyed. Many hobby players suffer from this. They play post-flop, make good decisions based on intuition, see interesting lines, make adjustments, read the spectrum of opponents, but make huge mistakes (preflop have a 40% cold call 20% each). Therefore no matter how well they play post-flop they still lost money at a distance.

In fact, the difference between the NL5-NL25 players and the players stably playing NL400-1K for a long time is that all components (strategy, practice and psychology) not evenly pumped up, like a 3-3-8 or 6-6-2 on a 10-point scale or all components are pumped up weakly. It is very important to realize and close the weakest moments in the first place. But this doesn't suppose to be a strategy all the time. And for Pro players, the strategy and practice and psychology are at the level of 8 9 points and above.

A separate item is planning and structuring your time.

If you know how to set plans for the day, week, month, the year your growth in poker will be faster than if you play when you want, without a specific goal, without standards.

In fact, drawing up an individual development plan in all directions gives a huge boost to get out of micro limits.

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