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The biggest casino robberies

Casino robberies

Personally I always liked to watch the films where the group of sophisticated swindlers creates the complicated schemes and tries to pull off a robbery of the century. One of the brightest representatives of this genre became the movie of Steven Soderbergh “Ocean's Eleven” where the team of professionals stole 160 million U.S. dollars from three successful casinos of Las-Vegas.

In the real world it is not easy to perform such scenarios of robbery, but there are several interesting cases that are noteworthy.

Circus Circus casino

Robbery because of love

In 1993 a young girl Heather Tallchief at the age of 21 got acquainted with a boy Robert Solis who was a nice man at first sight. The girl fell in love with him. At that time she thought that her life worked out for the best, however, the boy of her choice turned out to be a recidivist thief.

When she found out it, she didn’t afraid and continued to date him. After a while, Robert decided to organize a big robbery of Casino Circus Circus that was situated in Las-Vegas. He asked her girlfriend to support him and after it, the couple carefully studied the plan of gambling establishment, stole a car and proceeded to their lifetime project.

The robbery turned out to be very impudent because the couple in the direct sense of the word crashed their car into a casino, breached a wall and stole two and half million dollars. Accomplices of Bonny successfully left the scene of a crime and went to the Cayman Islands.

Local police tried to track down the robbers for a long time but in 13 years Heather came to police and acknowledged her guilt and thereby helped to solve the crime.

The girl told all the details of the crime and said that she didn’t know where her accomplice was. The fact is that Solis left her as soon as he heard about Heather’s pregnancy and left her back at the bottom of the ladder with thousand dollars.

Crown casino

Eye of providence

This history most likely can be referred not to the robbery but to the swindle in especially big amount. Casino Crown that is the most famous and biggest gambling house of Melbourne became a victim.

Everything started from the series of huge winnings which put on the alert security service of the casino. Then managers of the casino were assigned to make a special group of detectives which found out during the investigation that the criminals used the surveillance cameras.

An experienced hacker was able to connect remotely to the video surveillance system and after it, he manipulated with cameras in a VIP-hall for high rollers by directing the powerful camera lens of a high-vacuum to the opponents' cards.

Obtained information was instantly passed through a headphone to the accomplices who made the bets at the tables at that time. Swindlers worked in a tandem that’s why they split the jackpot in the amount of 33 million Australian dollars almost equally. Full information about this fraud had still not been disclosed however it was found out that one of the players was caught but the hacker is still is at liberty.

Treasure Island casino


At the beginning of the 2000s all popular casinos of Las-Vegas were regularly exposed to incursions of robbers but in the vast majority of cases the police successfully carried out its work and caught thieving people.

However, there were stories when the police could do nothing for a long time. Once an armed robber Reginald Johnson entered the hall of casino Treasure Island and left it richer by 30 000 dollars in a few minutes. He fired several shots and injured a security guard in the gambling house and fled the scene.

During the same year, the guy visited the casino once again and took away some money by discharging the clip to the security guard. The police failed to catch a robber once again.

It is likely that Reginald could still be at liberty if it wasn’t for his decision to rob the casino Treasure Island for the third time. Once he returned to the scene of the crime he was apprehended instantly because of quickly recognition. The court found him guilty for serious crimes and Reginald was sentenced to 130 years of a strict regime in prison.

During the court hearing, Reginald Johnson declared about his personal animosity towards the casino and it was the main motive of robberies:

“I treat your casino and all its visitors with contempt. If I could pick off everybody there, I will do it”.

In conclusion, I would like to note that in my opinion, these three robberies could be a good scenario for feature-length films.

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