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The battle of the year is today

Hello Cardmates,

Today is the start of the Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk battle. It's so cool, if you have some beef with someone inside poker world, you just battle the player and find out, who is better. This way is cool and not at the same time. What if someone, for example, is accused in cheating, I doubt that having a 20k hand batle with this person will change anything. But we have what we have and luckily it's not a cheating issue. For more about who, why, when of this conflict you can find a lot in Joey Ingram latest videos. The guy did a great job, going through their dirty laundry.

Daniel Negreanu has accepted my challenge to play up to 10,000 to 25,000 hands of $200/$400 heads up no limit hold'em. This high stakes cash game could easily result in swings of millions of dollars.

I cheer for Doug Polk, because I love his content, even though he now makes no poker videos... Daniel is a cool guy and a great poker player, but in this battle I stand for Doug!

Who you cheer for?

Best of luck,




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I cheer for Daniel Negreanu.

King of poker

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