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Testosterone for poker player

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

A very cool how-to video about raise testosterone levels with natural methods (without the introduction of pharmacology)

The author surfed a lot of research, including meta-research. There are links and even visual illustrations in the video.

The topic is relevant for any guy 25+ years old because from this age your testosterone is slowly declining every year. And the testosterone is for us - literally everything. Self-confidence, resistance to stress, the will to win, dominance, confidence in their decisions, success in women, etc.

In order to be competitive in poker, the hormonal level is also very important because it directly affects how we resist the aggression of the opponent, what decisions we make in difficult situations, how we feel in long sessions, etc., I recommend for viewing.

p.s And he certainly has a super sexy insurance partner, clearly motivates to go more often to the gym)))

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