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StarsHelper review

StarsHelper is a utility for playing at PokerStars that can be used both by beginners and professionals. It will be a fine addition to the tracking programs (HM2/PT4/H2N).

StarsHelper allows us to convert the stack size in BB (big blinds), create the bets’ patterns for the various game situations, use the hot-keys, HUD, mark the tabs with different colors (it depends on the settings). In many instances it automates the game process and does it more comfortable for you.

So, if you are bored with the outdated “freezing” programs and you want to secure yourself from the continuous pop-ups, automate the game process, see the chips in BB and get the current stats on the opponents at the table, then you should try to use StarsHelper.

The program has a wide range of useful functions, such as:

  • Displaying of the stacks/bets in BB.
  • Bluff equity.
  • HUD StarsHelper
  • Pot odds.
  • Stack size patterns for all the situations.
  • Hot-keys for the different actions.
  • Convenient table placement during the multi-tabling.
  • Colored frames for the tables.
  • Pop-ups auto-closing.
  • Auto-pressing “Time Bank”, «I’m back», «Seat Available», that is very convenient during the multi-tabling.

The developers have embedded their own unique HUD in the app. There is the following information in it:

  • Your outs.
  • Pot odds.
  • Fold equity.
  • Session length timer.
  • $ in BB.
  • The time that the opponent spent on the action.
  • SPR (stack to pot ratio).
  • Positional statistics from HM2/PT4.
  • The history of the players’ all actions at the table.
  • Detailed information about the tournament (now there is no need to enter the lobby in order to find out all the necessary information).

With StarsHelper the PokerStars table looks like this:

StarsHelper at PokerStars

The program lifetime license costs $35. Also there is a trial period (30 days) and during this time you can use StarsHelper functionalities free of charge. In order to do it you should just download the program at the official website and run the trial version.

StarsHelper can be used on any number of computers. The program is linked to your PokerStars account.

If you're thinking about the purchasing, it can be carried out through the popular payment systems such as PayPal, Skrill and WebMoney. The account activation is carried out after a license key purchasing.

It is much better to download StarsHelper program at the official soft website. It is downloaded quickly and installed easily. StarsHelper settings is a more difficult task, however, you can easily figure it out.

In order not to write a lot about the StarsHelper installation process and the program set-up, we suggest you to watch the video: “StarsHelper installation and its set-up”. In this video all the process is well-described and graphically demonstrated.

System requirements

In general, StarsHelper program is undemanding, however, the following conditions should be met:

  • Availability of Microsoft .NET Framework (version 4.0 and higher) installed;
  • ОС Windows 7,8,10, or Windows XP;
  • PokerStars table theme shouldn’t destroy the chat (but it can hide it).

StarsHelper is one of the permitted program for PokerStars, that’s why you can easily use it in the client. However, some problems may arise periodically as it happens during the work of any other soft.

The solution of the common StarsHelper problems at PokerStars

What should you do if the hot-keys have stopped to operate?

Such a problem may arise because of a wrong running of the poker-room client. That’s why it is recommended to make the settings beforehand in order for the PokerStars program will be run as administrator. It can be set-up in the menu “properties” – “compatibility” that is opened by clicking the right mouse button on a shortcut or the program setup file.

Periodically the problems in StarsHelper operating related to PokerStars updating may arise. The soft developers assure that they are doing all the necessary things for their program to run correctly in a new version. If you don’t want to wait and wish to play with StarsHelper, then you can choose not to update the client. In order to do it you should just click Cancel when the offer to download the last PokerStars version will appear in front of you, and run the client through PokerStars.exe file in the program folder.

If you basically play at PokerStars and consider that functionalities of this soft will be useful for you, then we offer you to download StarsHelper.

You can buy StarsHelper on the official website in a convenient for you way.