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Summer Bootcamp Leaderboards with €52K total prize pool at Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker leaderboards

Unibet Poker regularly offers a variety of leaderboards with generous prizes.

Recently, we’ve written that the poker room had introduced regular leaderboards for tournaments of low and high buy-ins, within which Unibet would give away prizes to the best players of the year, quarter, and month.

Recently, Unibet has launched another eight weekly leaderboards for Hold'em and Omaha cash games with a total prize pool of €52 000 that are available as part of the «Summer Bootcamp» promotion.

By completing certain tasks, you can weekly get a part of the total prize money, which is equally distributed among the eight leaderboards.

The prize pool of each leaderboard is equal to €6 500 (€2 500 for medium limits; €4 000 for high limits).

Leaderboard ratings are updated every Wednesday at 12:00 am (UTC). The race will last until August 25.

Weekly Leaderboard Prizes

PlaceLeaderboard MidLeaderboard High
1€500€1 000
11-20€50 UO Ticket€50 HexaPro Ticket
21-30€25 UO Ticket-
31-50€10 UO Ticket-

Getting points

Points towards the leaderboard are awarded for fulfilling certain tasks:

TaskPoints in Hold'emPoints in Omaha
Get to the flop with three opponents (at least)
Get to the flop in two hands in a row
Win or split the pot, being on the button33
Get 7-2 as your starting hand42
Hit a straight flush1 000300

The multiplier of your points depends on your play limit. As for the NL / PLO€50 and NL / PLO€400 limits, the multiplier is x2; the NL / PLO€100 has x3 multiplier.

In addition to these tasks, you can get extra points in Omaha leaderboards (without any multiplier):

Points in Omaha
Play two cash tables at onceEvery day200
Win three pots in PLO cash game (any game)Every day200
Losing week at eligible limits – 1 point per €1 lostEvery week450
Get to the flop five times (at least) for three days in a row
Every week500
Get to the flop five times (at least) for seven days in a rowEvery week1 000

Top 20 players will split €4 000 of the total prize pool of one of the leaderboards at high limits. As for the medium limits, €2 500 will be shared among 30 best players of these leaderboards.

The maximum prize that can be received in the high-stakes leaderboard is €1 000, and at mid stakes, it amounts to €500. These leaderboards are available until August 25, 2020.

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