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Spins Ultra Leaderboards: $3 000 in daily leaderboards

Since the launch of accelerated version of Spins Ultra at PartyPoker, the availability of daily leaderboards in this discipline became a matter of time.

At the end of March, the poker room team launched daily leaderboards for regular spins with a prize pool of $12 500. From now on, Spins Ultra leaderboards with a daily prize pool of $3 000 have already appeared at PartyPoker.

The prize pool of Daily Spins Ultra Leaderboards will be divided into 3 limits, and only three best players will get cash prizes in each of them. All other winners of leaderboard will be awarded tickets to spins.

The order of prizes’ calculation will be determined by a special formula: Leaderboard points = 10 x [√3 / √ place] x [1 + log (buy-in + 0.25)]

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In Daily Spins Ultra leaderboard, the prize money will be distributed in the following way:

Place in leaderboardLimits $0,25$ – $1Limits $3 – $5Limits $10 – $20
43 tickets for $103 tickets for $204 tickets for $20
53 tickets for $103 tickets for $204 tickets for $20
62 tickets for $103 tickets for $203 tickets for $20
72 tickets for $103 tickets for $203 tickets for $20
82 tickets for $103 tickets for $202 tickets for $20
92 tickets for $103 tickets for $202 tickets for $20
102 tickets for $102 tickets for $202 tickets for $20
11-153 tickets for $52 tickets for $202 tickets for $20
16-203 tickets for $52 tickets for $201 tickets for $20
21-252 tickets for $51 tickets for $10
26-302 tickets for $5
31-401 tickets for $5

The launch of these leaderboards shows the attempts of poker room to attract as many players as possible for this discipline.

It is also worth noting that with the launch of this promotion, the points in Daily Spins Leaderboards will be counted only for playing in regular spins.

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