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Today I continue my training in preflop strategy. Slightly worse results from last time. The score today was 143/170.

Let's analyze the main mistakes.

On the first hand, I played 54s fold. This decision was based on the opponent's stack on the right (8.4bb). 

But the program thinks that with stacks of 21-99BB we should play this hand with a raise to 2bb. That is, at btn we are playing a large number of hands. We play our hand solely because it is good for making a flush. 

My next mistake was playing with 76o. I played this hand with a raise to 2bb. To which the program gave an error.

On the charts, I should play this hand by folding. The program considers this hand to be unfavorable to play with. 


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Vetal user
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it all depends not only on the hand, but also on the number of bb

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Nemoruso17 user
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Phoenix user
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good luck to you!

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