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Smashed by a sledgehammer in a $3.30 buy in tournament on the bubble - losing this way hurts

This will be my one and only sob story.

So this morning I took part in a $3.30 buy in $300 guaranteed prize, and despite playing well with zero mistakes, it seems I was smashed by a sledgehammer in the poker world by a good player, with just one player off the payouts.  I was playing with a lot of confidence (using many of the concepts learnt from my readings) and in 9th position in the tournament with 180,000 chips as you can see below.  There were 17 players left and it was payouts for 16 players, so in the bubble, and players dropping out like flies.

It seems sometimes poker can get you, no matter how well you play, and losing in a certain way, from a near impossible situation to get away from, after playing solidly for 2 hours in a poker tournament and then to get knocked out so close to the money really truly hurts.

So I get A ♠️ 10 ♠️  first in EP to the left of the big blind with 4 players before me.

I just call and get one other in, the big blind, who just checks.

The flop comes 5 ♠️ 7 💎  Q ♠️  giving me a nut flush draw. Given I am at the bare minimum aiming to reach the payouts with players getting knocked out quicker than you could say 'players getting knocked out', I decide to go in with the intention of playing this hand cautiously, and I check and simply call a minimum raise of 8,000 chips by the big blind.

The turn comes an A and from this play I've had nothing, nothing to suggest my opponent, who I grudgingly admit must be a good player, has a good hand. He goes all in on the turn.

As I really didn't figure him for anything I snap call. He holds A ♣️  Q ♣️ . It may have been the excitement of drawing to the nuts or just being fooled he had nothing, but I lost when a diamond hit the river and I was out. Just couldn't believe it after 2 hours of play without making any mistakes and one from the pay outs. One. And playing well. No mistakes. Then bam. Poker hit me like this from nowhere. It just goes to show that this can happen anywhere and to anyone no matter how well you play and it can create the most ludicrousness situations as seen here.  This one hurt, but I'm not quite sure how on Earth I could have got away from this one. Of course on reflection you fold, but I was drawing to the nut flush, had just hit an A, when my opponent didn't show any strength whatsoever!

I hope you don't find yourself in similar situations during your future poker tournament play.  Good luck at the tables!  May the luck be with you.  I'll have to regroup and truck on and hope I fare better in the next tournament!

Thanks for reading.

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I have been playing poker for about 15 years. I play online currently and I've played poker in casinos, card rooms, local games and with friends. I play NL hold'em tournaments and cash games and can also play Pot Limit Omaha, a game I also love.
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Nemoruso17 user
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I'm sure next time you will be more lucky!

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Maroonfish user
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Thanks - let's hope.  Rather would have folded pre flop and have a chance in a better spot...but he slowplayed his big hand 😩

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