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Slang of Texas Hold'em. Part 19. - KQ - Part 1

Hi, Guys!

It's time for hands with K high. Let's take a look at the KQ hand today.

1. Ferdinand and Isabella

There was Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon, whose marriage and joint rule marked the de facto unification of Spain.

2. Lucy and Ricky

Lucille Ball and Ricky are the King and queen of television.

3. Marriage (suited)

When KQ wins it has this nickname. The nickname came from the game Pinochle.

4. Mixed marriage (offsuit)

This nickname also came from the game Pinochle.


Below you can find links to previously published posts about slang.

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Vetal user
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You blog not only about slang, but also about interesting historical moments.

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Maximus0410 user
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Yeah... Sometimes it references to history)))

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