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Slang of Texas Hold'em. Part 11. Hand 88 - Part 2

Hi, Guys!

Today we will continue to consider the nicknames of the hand 88. We are waiting for the next 7 nicknames of this slang-rich hand.

7. Two Fat Ladies

Two eights look like two fat ladies. This nickname is borrowed from the game bingo.

8. Laces

Two eights look like shoe laces

9. Pretzels

Two eights look like two pretzels

10. Wurlitzer

The Wurlitzer electric piano also has 88 keys.

11. Time Travel

88 mph is a speed that used for the time-traveling in the trilogy the Back to The Future.

12. Infinity on the Side

Looks like two infinity symbols on their side.

13. Ovechkin

Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin plays at number 8.

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Nice post, but little poker

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o2o2WinAA user
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With slangs here only in English))

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maomax1223 user
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We need two Ovechkin)))))))) For this hand)))

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