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Slang in Texas Hold'em. Part 8.

Hi, Guys!

Let's look at hand 99 today. This hand has several interesting nicknames.

1. Pothooks

The name is given because of the external similarity of the hooks that are used to hang pots over the fire, with nines.

2. Phil Hellmuth

Another poker player in our selection. This nickname refers to a specific 9c9s hand. With this hand, Phil Hellmuth won his first WSOP in 1989. Did you recognize Phil in this photo? I think this is a photo from the 1989 WSOP.

3. Wayne Gretzky

Canadian ice hockey player who played at number 99. This number has always been associated with this canadian hockey player.

4. Red Baloons

A reference to the German song "99 Luftballons" by Nena. The English version of the song was called "99 Red Baloons"

5. Popeyes

Popeye the sailor is a fictional American cartoon and comic book character. His unusual muscles, supposedly reminiscent of the nines.

6. Hitlers

In English, 9 9 sounds like the German "Nein, Nien!" I don't know if it's possible to distribute pictures of Hitler. I'd rather not.

7. German Virgin

Again Association with German Nein, Nein! Is that what a German virgin would say "Nein, Nein!"? i.e. "No, no!" My God, how do such associations come about? So how am I supposed to find a picture of a German virgin? I'm not a fortune teller to determine such things from a photo )))

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