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Simple PostFlop review

Simple PostFlop is a powerful calculator for the optimal game strategy computation on the postflop according to Game Theory Optimal (GTO). The calculation is carried out exclusively for the game against one opponent.

The program computes the GTO strategies for a certain street based on your cards, board and also the opponent’s range.

By downloading Simple PostFlop with our links you will get 10% discount for the purchasing (for the preflop points the discount is 5%).

1. First of all you should indicate the common board cards on the table.

2. Then you should indicate the street for which you want to get the result (in a free version it is possible only for the turn and river).

3. Indicate an effective stack (the smallest one among the players at the table) and the pot size.

4. Set a bet-sizing for the opponent. Open the bet-sizing editing tab by pressing the button in front of “Player bet sizing”. In the field of “Sizing of bets” you should set the supposed bets sizes for every trade round (in % of the pot). In “Main Config” you should set a maximum raises number at the street. Click “Apply” in order to save the changes.

5. Then you should press “Apply Situation”. Based on the information you have input, the program will make a model of a tree view. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can change the bets with a context menu “Edit Node”.

6. Indicate the players’ ranges (the buttons are in front of “Range Player”).

7. Use the pocket cards table in order to edit the ranges. Click the left mouse button on the cell to assign a percentage under the "Full" button. The right mouse button resets the value of the cell when you click it.

8. Then you should press “Calculate”. At the end of the calculations, a decision tree with equilibrium ranges appears before you. During the node selection the program will display the result in the pocket cards table. There are 3 display modes:

  • According to the percentage (%) of play cards in the strategy.
  • According to EV.
  • According to the percentage (%) of the game actions.

9. When selecting the cell, all the cards that are related to it will be displayed in the upper right table.

10. In “Abs.%” a card percentage is shown with which the player will get to the current situation; in "Played. %" column it is shown the probability with which you should play the current hand according to the equilibrium. In “EV” column it is shown the hand mathematical expectation with an EV deduction of a Fold action. The bottom table shows all possible actions for the hand selected in the top table.

More detailed information about how to use the program is shown in the video from Simple PostFlop representatives.

Video review:

In Cloud version the calculations are carried out on the company servers (it can take more time) and in Stand Alone it is carried out on the computer. In the latter case your PC should meet the following characteristics:

  • ОС Windows XP and higher.
  • 8+ GB RAM, Intel Core i7 (contact the support if you have another configuration).
  • It is available on Mac through Parallels and Bootcamp.

The tree view is created very quickly for turn and river, but in case with flop the process can take from 30 seconds up to several hours. There is a subscription according to which the calculation for preflop is possible, but these operations are carried out within 5 hours (on the average) exclusively in a cloud-based service.

You can use the program free of charge for the decision tree calculations on the turn and river.

Monthly subscription with the limit of 100 flop calculations (they are carried out on the company’s servers) will cost you $70.

Stand Alone lifetime version (the calculations are carried out on you PC) costs $700.

If you are interested in the possibility of calculation from the preflop, then you can buy 50 preflop points for $1500, they will be cleared up depending on the calculations’ complexity.

Simple PostFlop is intended for the professional players who play at the middle limits and higher. It is at least unprofitable to use it at the lower limits because the program’s price is relatively high for the newbies. The famous Russian player Mikhail Shalamov in 2015 recorded an example of the program usage in practice. Despite of the fact that video is not a new one, it will show you graphically how to use Simple PostFlop: