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SharkyStrator review

Are you a fan of SNG tournaments on PokerStars? Are you bored of wasting precious time for searching the tournaments and for analyzing players at the table? Then SharkyStrator is what you need!

It is an application for automatic tournament scanning with previously indicated parameters. SharkyStrator will not only select the most suitable tournament for you at the right time but it will also help to find those tournaments where there are a lot of weak players, as well as ones you have marked with green (or with another color that you mark the weak players with) color.

Advantages of the program:

  • Set duration of a game session.
  • Control a number of tournaments which you will play simultaneously.
  • Switch on sound notification about a start of the tournament.
  • Choose the number of tournaments for a session.

The program will stop registering your account in tournaments in case you do not show activity at the computer.

SharkyStrator installation and settings

  • If you have Vista or Windows 7, select an Aero theme.
  • Choose the Black theme for a lobby of PokerStars.
  • You can set the text in a menu "View" if you select items "Text Size View" - "Game List Font Options"
  • Set an order of displaying the tournaments in the PokerStars lobby in the following way: ID, Game, Limit, Buy-In, Speed, State, Enrolled.
  • Switch off "Allow registration without showing Buy-In dialog" in menu "Options - Advanced Multi-Table Options".
  • Switch off a function "Always Decline Rematch Requests". If you need it, then customize "Tools - HU Rematcher".
  • Disable auto seating scripts with the help of other programs (in case you use some other software).

On SharkyStrator the eternal trial is valid for limits up to 1.5$ which means that micro-limit players can use the program for free.

There are 5 variants of six month subscription, which price depends on buy-ins of tournaments. The price ranges from 35$ up to 540$ for 6 months (6$ - 90$ a month).

 SharkyStrator price

​Reviews on SharkyStrator are mostly positive.