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SharkScope review

The website sharkscope.com provides information about all the tournaments in which this or that player took part. You can see the results of your game or anyone else's ones since 2006 by entering nickname at the site (The company is engaged in the tournament statistics collecting for more than 10 years).

Among the indicators there is a profit, ROI, game history and many others.

You can keep watch over the player and get information about what kind of the tournaments he is playing or has been registered.

SharkScope specialists have developed an instrument for the automatic collection of all the tournaments’ results. The poker-rooms are completely inactive concerning this thing and they are even against such actions, however they can do nothing.

SharkScope HUD is an app for PC and MAC that allows to extract information from the site sharkscope.com during the game.

SharkScope HUD

In order to use the app you should buy a priced subscription ($12 or $26 depending on the package). You can buy and use the separate SharkScope HandTracker package for $99 and there is no need to prolong the subscription. It includes the history hands tracking, HUD, the device for the leaks finding, the users diagrams.

SharkScope HUD users get the detailed statistics on the players. In this case nobody can see your previous results. Here the question arises: if everybody purchases a priced subscription and zero out the counters, then what is the sense of having SharkScope HUD if there isn’t statistics? However this has not yet occurred and it means that there is a sense from the program.

The losing players will be displayed during the game with a green color, the winning players – with a red color.

  • $6 – 10 daily searches, an advanced search, the statistics zero outing;
  • $12 - 1550 searches, SharkScope HUD and SharkScope Sync instruments;
  • $26 – 1000 searches, all functionalities of the previous tariff plans, SharkScope HandTracker, Sit&Go guide;

SharkScope price

As it was mentioned above, you can buy SharkScope HandTracker separate version with more advanced functionalities for $99. It includes HUD, the users’ diagrams, the leaks finding instruments and also a hand history tracker.

SharkScope service also offers the apps number with the unique functions:

  • Auto-search and registration in the tournaments.
  • Multi-tabling soft.
  • The apps for a statistics output on the android-devices.
The apps’ cost varies between $1-$79.

The most of the auxiliary apps are developed only for the PokerStars poker client.

SharkScope is a useful resource for the tournaments players, however not everybody can endorse it, but it is worth trying.

Enter SharkScope in order to get an interesting and useful information about your tournaments results (unless, of course, you are the poker blogger who knows perfectly well everything about your achievements).