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Same sh💩t - different day

Hey guys,

It's been almost a week, since I have been on the dark side of poker. Just getting slapped again again, the only thing I'm happy about is that I have good bankroll management, otherwise it would be over for me. My ballance was close to 200$ start of the week now little less, than 150$.

I'm not going to take it further and show all the hands, couse I can't look at this bullsh💩 no more! Talked to my close friend? who playis poker as well and he told me this story, that happend to him a year ago.

My friend plays only private cash games. He is on the button with 88, 3bets, gets everyone to fold, but the original raiser. Flop comes 8JQ, he continues to fire, opponent calls, turn comes another 8, brilliant. After some time playing a role he goes for a half pot bet, other player calls. River came out A, his opponent shoves, my friend quickly calls. Opponent shows JJ full house, my friend saying that he has quads and reveals his cards, throwing them to the center of the table with the smile, but that smile wasn't long, because he completly missread his cards preflop, it was 38, not 88.

What a bummer! He lost a huge pot and couldn't emotionaly recover from this missread for couple of weeks he said.

After this hand, he made a habbit of always check his cards every street, but says that other players still making fun of him, asking him to check his cards again, after he bets.

This blog is also helping me to calm down, I feel like after confession at church, or close.

Hope tomorrow will be a brand new day.

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