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Rush & Cash – fast poker at BestPoker

Rush & Cash at BestPoker

If you don’t want to wait a long time for a new hand, if you want big rewards as well as more fun and action, then Rush & Cash – fast poker from BestPoker – is suitable for you. The essence of this type of poker is that you do not need to wait for a hand at all. During the Rush & Cash game, additional money will be in play in separate random hands.

Cash drops range from 10 to 500 Antes: small amounts go to the pot to trigger more action, while large amounts are added in equal shares directly to the participants' stacks. Consequently, this gives each player 65% rakeback. In order to play Rush & Cash, you just need to download the BestPoker client and play for real money.

BestPoker Rush & Cash Limits

BestPoker limits

Key features of Rush & Cash

  • If you fold cards, you will instantly receive new ones on another table with other opponents.
  • If there is a bet or a raise before you, you can fold cards at any time, even not on your turn.
  • In order to watch the hand, just hold down the fold button (“Rush”).
  • In each hand – random seating.
  • In an equal percentage of cases, all players will ultimately be in the button position.
  • There is also an all-in insurance for this format.
  • To maintain the fast pace of the game, the running of the second board (run it twice) is disabled.
  • All players pay ante, and the dealer pays extra ante.
  • The rake is taken in case of winning the ante and blinds.
  • Each ante has its own cash drop pool. Cash drop status and history can be viewed on the official website.
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