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RunRun) The trial edition)

Yesterday, as I wrote in the last post, I did not really want 2 play a lot, so today I will make a post in the style of anime) I'll try anyway) This will be my first experience, I still want 2 do something new 4 U and try something new 4 myself 😎

As 4 knockout MTT, yesterday night's MTT was not a success, I was very poorly dealt good cards, although as U remember, my discarded cards in the fold, collect the best hands) but it was not up 2 this, and the final hand was the same runner runner in 5%)) it was funny)

I left this MTT pretty quickly) Then I thought about what I should do next) Go 2 bed, or play some other game... And then I saw the freeroll day 1 ))) This sunday will be the last freeroll with a guarantee of $30K, and not 2 qualify 4 it will be considered a stupid act, I believe)

So I decided 2 play it, and the most interesting thing started, which I will post below) Enjoy your viewing!) 😜

After such a defeat, I decided 2 play aggressively, namely, just go all-in until I was called! And I achieved my goal, though through a successful win))

Well, as it usually happens, I couldn't complete day 1) Probably got into a tilt) Or just wanted 2 go 2 bed...😐

In General, something like this) By the design of the post, I probably jumped over my head) but I like it) I try 2 develop my content, and of course don't forget about the poker game) Of course, yesterday I did not work out in the game, but maybe today I will be lucky) And tomorrow will post even better) In any case I try both here and there) I had some free time today and I spent it on this post) I think it will work 4 the first time)

The game will start soon) It's time 4 me 2 finish) Today everything is the same) Knockout MTT and maybe this freeroll again) Well, as usual! Meet me at the final table!) GL 😎

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Photoshop master, level 80

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You did a great job with the new post format! Keep it up!

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Killer knockouts.

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