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RunRun) New trip...

Yesterday was the first session at PokerStars, I was not so well received. I had 2 play with strong opponents at $1 limits, and I also played too loose 2 play satellites 4 knockout MTT for $7.50 and $11. Of course, I won and got tickets, but it cost me a lot, so I need 2 approach the selection and stop loss correctly 😒

But first I will write about 888) There I was exchanged a casino bonus 4 a poker bonus, at my request, since I previously blocked casino games. And because of this, bonuses could not be spent there, I had 2 write a letter 2 support)

I got my bonus $5 and went 2 play for cash tables, on NL5) I managed to play 5 or 6 hands, and a funny situation happened, and simply put bad beat)

I probably made a mistake myself) But I didn't want 2 press the fold button, my hand was too good) But the three cards of the enemy were clearly visible there 😒

Well let it be) I would still have 2 play this bonus 4 a long time and it would still be at the end of the list) So I can write that I didn't lose anything)

Okay) let's go back 2 PokerStars) as I wrote earlier, I played quite loose, spent a lot, but was able 2 get into knockout MTT) however, the tables at which I sat were not particularly distinguished by active play on them) everyone sat and played carefully, waiting 4 the best hand... It was boring, and my stack was slowly shrinking under the pressure of the growing blinds 😐

These are the results 4 just under a thousand hands... Not very well, maybe I even fell into a tilt) I should play more carefully this time)

But these results do not compare with what is happening now in relation 2 me and my blog on the forum) I will write below... 😐

Last month, I had a fight 4 the best blog of the month, and it just so happened that I beat my opponent by the number of points. But then I noticed an unpleasant trend, his posts began 2 add sharply in the number of points, and the posts were evaluated, without any comments, and before that they did not gain such a number of points. I suspect that the opponent decided 2 attract their friends 2 give him a rating in order 2 beat me, I think this is unfair 😑

The situation is repeated now, only he no longer participates in the competition, but every time he gives me a rating of -4, in each of my posts, and it does not matter what I wrote there. This lowers my position and steals your support! This is just as unfair a game. I try 2 write quality, 2 diversify the content, but apparently this is such a bad person that these concepts are alien 2 him, 4 him the competition is a manipulation of the number of points 😠

I wrote 2 the support Cardmates, but the last time my complaint said that it was fair. So I am not such a popular blogger, and I have no friends, relatives, absolutely no one who reads and supports me. Or maybe I just don't tell them? Maybe I should ask U 2 read my posts? To evaluate them? Nah... I'm not going 2 impose my creativity on anyone, if the reader likes it, then I'm happy) And playing with numbers in the rating, I think it is punishable! 😡

I think that's it ... I need 2 get ready 4 the night game. I hope that this issue will be resolved and everything will fall into place. GL 2 everyone and win more money! 😎

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SanSan1Time user
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shine bright like a dimond

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MrKaplin user
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Ty) I'm trying my best)

SanSan1Time user
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Yo and I feel the last chapter of your post and the only answer to this I found was not to chace the price myself, but chace the content, this way it's not of big problem, if someone tries to do such shit to your blog!

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McFly user
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love all your posts and their design!!

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Vetal user
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The first part of propoker, ok.

Second, who are you talking about? Does this happen often? Do you do it yourself?

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