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RunRun) Marathons of past years)

How R U? I have everything in the old way) a little lazy, a little tried not 2 be lazy) today I went out of town, helped my parents with the housework) built a damn fence 😩 but this "Chinese wall" does not want 2 end) apparently, it has such a goal 2 always be unfinished, in case of my complete defeat on the poker expanses 😐

But I won't talk about sad things) Today I would like 2 take a look at the experience of running marathons with popular poker regulars, namely marathons not for profit, but for the number of games or hands) As I wrote earlier, I was inspired for some time by the “FREEQ7Z” marathon, which played 20K spin-n-go in a month, which also did not prevent it from remaining in profit by more than $30K) Very impressive, right?) However, after this marathon, he decided 2 play an impossible 40K games, at least for me, hah) and then he was defeated in the form of a downstreak, and went off the marathon((( so sad...😔

There was another interesting marathon, I certainly didn't follow it) at that time I was just starting 2 play poker, and I didn't know much about poker players, so I found out about this marathon after a while) specifically about the player "Dykalis", he was able to play 25K hands in 26 hours!!! 😳 For me, this is very cool, and even with a profit) Later, he will play for the same time, only twice as many hands) and he will succeed) Wow! With the same result) quite an honor) by the way, last year he went to the WSOP in Vegas for the first time and got a bracelet and a win, just a cool dude 😎

Although, there is a famous Randy Lew) he generally set a Guinness world record by playing more than 23k hands in 8 hours, but there were quite "bearded" years of online poker) in addition, then played cash on more than 4 tables, and as I remember, he is a cash player) and he played then, almost 24 tables at once 😝 cool guy)

Well, if you touch on the topic of cash games, then there is no place without Nathan Williams) He's also a cash player, no, he's a cash game legend! If accurately, then on microlimits) NL2-NL5, dude played some incredible distances, an incredible amount of games, I heard he rented a garage from his friend, from there and conquered the poker olympus, in my opinion, he made the most money on these limits) And there, as a rule, the one who plays more - earns more, and of course plays against weak players) He has a book, he wrote it, but I never got 2 it, maybe I'll read it later) in General, this guy deserves respect 😉

Okay) I probably have everything, or rather I don't remember, poker players who ran marathons for the number of games, and not for profit, of course, profit is an important goal, but if U play well, then the profit will be good) now they mostly play for profit, U know, from 100 bucks to 1000, to 10K, to 100k, and so on) it's cool, maybe I'll get 2 such marathons, why not?) Time will tell, and my game of course) that's all for today) mentally preparing for my grind 😎

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