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RunRun) Analysis of the game)

Good afternoon guys) Today I would like 2 analyze my game in the blinds when I am out of position) I often defend my blinds and don't throw my hands out until the showdown) I often lose at a distance and I would like 2 fix my defense) Here are my statistics for these positions 👀

As we can see, there is nothing good here 😐 Although I am told that it is now profitable 2 defend your blinds up 2 100% of the range, however, U should take into account the opponent's stats and the texture of the board) Apparently before that, my second or third pair, were for me the argument of the game before the showdown) Wrong strategy, right? 😜

After all, if I'm going 2 do my marathon, it's important for me not only the number of hands I've played, but also the win rates and quality of the game, otherwise I'll just fill up or play zero) Although it's not so scary 2 play zero) It's scary 2 play zero on my chosen limit) lol

Here I will choose the most controversial hands, postflops and showdowns) I'll look for errors in them) Let's get started 😎

And so, I didn't have 2 choose for a long time, all my hands were in front of my eyes) In the first hand, I should check-push on the turn, since I'm defending wide) Because it is difficult for an opponent on the big blind, with his bet on the turn , 2 come up with a hand other than Ace high)

Next, there is a hand in which the river did not bother me at all, a paired board on the closed flush draw) what could be worse? 😜 A terrible game from me, just a simple fold on the river from such a pot-sized bet)

Similar situation) I didn't play well on the turn, I should have bluffed, and it just so happened that I didn't notice that my opponent bought the river on the cheap) this is only played with a flush draw, which is clearly stronger than mine) I need 2 pay attention 2 this 😑

Well, guys, it's a bit of a funny hand when everyone makes a small bet before the showdown) and the weaker hand wins, it's a joke of course, but it just happened 😄

Okay, actually, I have enough hands like this, and if U post them all, it can stretch for a month) I need 2 work on charts of the hands while defending the blinds, which are plentiful on the Internet) For me personally, the RYE charts are interesting, they will be easier for me 2 understand) Therefore, there is not much time left, I need 2 prepare 💪

Today's post turned out without funny pictures, sorry if it was a little boring 😒, I have a lot 2 do today and very little time) And these posters take a decent amount of time) So something like this)

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