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RunnerRunner do) Knockout party!


Yesterday was a very funny night)

First I won all the satellites that I downloaded) got 3 tickets) 2 didn't work out, and one was a deep run!)

It was a $ 7.50 knockout MTT, however, the first ticket that I won I lost, I was not given anything good((( I made a re-entry with the remaining money, I probably had a tilt) LoL

I started playing more actively, immediately made a knockout, and then 3 more...) A little later, I fought off my second paid entry with knockouts) And the game got slower) Bad cards were dealt, my stack was reduced...

But then something happened and the switch switched 2 get good money))) We went 2 the river, and then I went all-in!)

This was the starting point of my long run in this MTT) Next!

And I got into the spirit! 😎

It was fun, I had a big stack against the short ones, and their stuffed knockouts) YEP!)

Grady, one more time, Grady!!!

It was a great run!)

But then I calmed down, because I can also quickly lose the stack, short became less and we began 2 play our usual game) Time slowed down...

On the pre-final table, the battle between short stacks and big ones unfolded, and on our table, everyone had the same stacks, but only one had a giant stack and he took the blinds away from us(((

But I still managed 2 get 2 the final table, although I was one of the shortest) At the table, the most aggressive player flew out first) this pleased me) and then I was given the ladies...

Of course) It's always the same, why not? This is the third time I have finished seventh in this MTT! 4 the third time!!! damn... I was so close 2 winning... As always.

Well I don't think we should be discouraged) I told U that this is the beginning of the start!) Now I have a good mood 4 further winnings!) This pleases)

Yes and English is progressing well in terms of learning)

Play the game! See you at the finale!)) Ty 4 reading!)


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My first read on this since joining 7 minutes ago! And it’s a very upbeat informative one, full of great stuff,and well put together.Fun and it sounds it to

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Ty! I'm trying)

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