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RunnerRunner do B.Y.O.B.


I think it's worth learning English) I play poker) WOW!)

"U can't be serious?" - ask me)

NOOO!) I'm serious!) LoL

So let's start! I play SnG for $1 at PokerStars)  In General I have been playing for more than 5 years. The results are not very good, but I started playing actively) I really want to learn English, through my posts and climb the limits in poker) Maybe I can do it. No! I can do it!)

My statistics on Sharkscope (PokerStars):

It's not easy, but I try) Recently switched to $1, I want to play for a session of more than 2K hands. Yesterday was the first game. I'm done with the winrate -45bb/100, and lost $20(((

T5o, 82o, J3s, and other sh_t handed out often(... But I won't be upset!) and Keep on play!) yep)

I, of course, did not write much above) I'm just learning) but if U read this and leave a review in the comments, I will be happy)

Well, I will try to write more next time, and with good results on the game)

So, I wish you a good end to the week and Big Prizes!)

Meet me at the poker table)

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Where is the continuation?

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