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Quick test for little fun

Hello everybody!

Let's have a talk. I've got couple questions to you.

  1. What coutry do you think about when you hear about poker?
  2. Where was poker invetted?
  3. Can you give the same answer on this two questions (Where is America? Where is the poker)?

Very strange questions? isn't it?)))))))


  1. Maybe, somebody think about diferent islands... Or maybe about Spain... Someone will call your motherland... But most answers will be like this: "The United States of America"
  2. Of caurse it's came from old world, but poker like now we play, similar like we know, was born exectly in the USA.
  3. This is an absolutelly fun question))))))) The point is that when i had looking for interesting information i got this question "Where is America?" It was a joke))) But i liked the answer)))) 

Don't you see? America was in your heart the whole time.

It really true!

We all was born and grew up in the age of American cinema. But here is one secret. Everything what you see in American movie it's true.

That it for today. One more written art about my love to the USA. And how you can see it's absolutelly about poker!)))))

Watch my old clip))) It's mix of russion raper clip and my personal pictures and videous.

Good luck everyone! In gambling! In blogging!

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Alla13 user
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Very cool vidéo! Keep on writing 💫

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maomax1223 user
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Thank you!))))))))

AntonDanza user
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Хахах, четко!

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maomax1223 user
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