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Quads in poker

Quads in poker​Four of a kind (or Quads) is a poker combination, which consists of four cards of the same value and a kicker, i.e. a random card.

Visually, examples of these combinations are as follows:

Quad of Queens

Quad of Jacks

Quad of Aces

In Texas Hold’em, you won't often collect four of a kind. The odds of flopping this monster hand are 1 in 4 100. This combination is not always the best way to take chips away from your opponents.

Four of a kind is a strong hand that can only be beaten by a straight flush. The probability you will face a straight flush having quads is 1 in 88 million and who knows if you will see this happen at all, not to mention the participation in the hand, where such a situation may occur. If you hit the quads, it does not mean that you will win the pot. If you collect this combination, then opponents with weak hands might suspect that you have strong cards and thus, will often fold.

How to play out Quads

The best way to play out four of a kind is to let your opponents get trapped. It will allow other participants to continue playing their cards and think that you do not have a strong hand, much less such a monster hand as quads.

You need to force your opponents to make bets. If someone is betting, you should call the bets and raise only after the last card is laid out on the board. Then you will be paid on your quads, otherwise, you will spend your monster hand for nothing and win just a small pot.

In case both players hit the quads, the winner is the one whose combination is stronger (quad of jacks beats quad of tens, queens beat jacks, kings beat queens). If both players have quads of the same rank, then the winner is determined by the kicker. The one whose kicker is higher takes the pot.

Probability of getting quads in different types of poker

In Texas Hold’em

Quads in Texas Hold’em

In Omaha

Quads in Omaha

In Stud

Quads in Stud

In Draw poker

Quads in Draw poker

Since four of a kind is a pretty rare hand, some poker rooms offer a reward to players who collect it. Let our tips and tricks help you in the game, and good luck accompanies you at the poker tables!

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