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QQ is the hottest hand. Slang of Texas Hold'em. Part 3

Hi, Guys!

QQ has probably the hottest nicknames of all hands in Texas Hold'em. Let's look at them.

1. Anna Kurnikova

Anna Kournikova is a Russian tennis player. Actually, "Anna Kournikova" is a nickname for two hands. AK has this nickname, too. Why? QQ is very pretty but seldom win.

If we look at Anna's career, we will see that she has achieved good results in doubles: Women(QQ) and Mixed(AK). But she has not achieved results in single.

AK is also short for Anna Kournikova.

Anna on the left.

2. Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane is an American frontier resident in the Wild West, a professional scout, best known for her claims to meet and even marry Wild bill Hickok, and for her involvement in Native American wars with the continent's natives on the battlefield. This nickname probably came from association with cowboys (KK) or cowgirls (QQ).

By the way, Wild Bill was shot while playing poker. This hand is called "dead man's hand" because Wild Bill had it when he was shot.

3. Canadian Aces and Canadian Rockets

Because Canadians respect the Queen.

4. Snowshoes

Apparently, the nickname came from the external similarity of QQ with traditional snowshoes.

5. San Francisco Wedding

It's a reference to the LGBT community. The history of same-sex marriage in San-Francisco has a long story. They were allowed and forbidden several times. In 2013, same-sex marriage was finally allowed in California.

6. Hilton Sisters

It's about Paris & Nicky Hilton.

7. Ladies and Bitches

QQ has a few derogatory nicknames and "bitches" is one of them. When a player wins with QQ, this hand is called Ladies, but if the player loses, this hand is called Bitches.

8. Four Tits

This needs no explanation)))

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