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Psychology in poker. Part 2.

Hi, Guys!

In yesterday's post, I started talking about cognitive distortions that I read about in a book on psychology and how these distortions manifest themselves in poker. Let's look at the remaining distortions.

You can read the first part here: part 1

4. Should statements

You try to motivate yourself by using the words "should" and "should not", as if you can only be forced to do something by the method of the stick. The word "should" also contains violence. As a result, you feel guilty.

This distortion is not entirely related to poker. It's more about how you set your goals in general and in poker in particular. Sometimes you can force yourself to play a certain amount of hands or hours, thinking that this way you will get the necessary experience. I don't think playing through the force will do anyone much good.

5. Labeling and Mislabeling

This is an extreme form of Overgeneralization. Instead of describing your mistake, you label yourself "I'm a failure."

Each time, when you mistake you can do a choice: understand your mistake or just say yourself that you're a failure. Poker is a lot of work on your game outside of the poker table. What you can do is understand your mistake and learn.

6. Personalization

You consider yourself the cause of negative external events for which you are not initially responsible.

This often happens when you get a bad bet. Instead of trying to forget this unpleasant situation, you think that you will every time get a bad bet. You think that you won't be able to win often enough, as if bad bets depend on you and your game.

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