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What is an aura on Cardmates?

Aura is a dynamic indicator of user activity on a site. It works in such a way that the status of each user depends on the activity on the site and on the reputation within the community. Aura is measured in points that the user can get for writing a blog or comment and as a rating from other users. The aura progress bar is located in the user's profile and directly affects his status and ability to give and receive points.

You can change the user’s aura by rating his profile, post or comment. Evaluating your actions by other members of the community can both raise and lower your status.

The aura is updated automatically every minute.

0 - 99
-1 +1
100 - 299
-2 +2
300 - 599
-3 +3
600 - 999
-4 +4
1000 - 1499
-5 +5
1500 - 2499
-6 +6
2500 - 3999
-7 +7
4000 - 5999
-8 +8
6000 - 9999
-9 +9
> 10000
-10 +10

Statuses. Distribution and weight of aura on Cardmates

Each registered Cardmates user has a status that displays his activity and reputation on the site. When registering, the user automatically receives the status "Beginner" and can increase it up to "Legend" (the highest status of the user), being active on the site and creating interesting content. In total, Cardmates has 10 statuses.

The statuses "Pro", "Admin" and other special VIP-statuses are assigned by the site administration. Users with special statuses can evaluate and receive ratings from other users, in accordance with the level of their aura. Users with the status of "Pro" can participate in the contests of bloggers, but do not have additional privileges.

The entry level that a new community member receives is the Beginner. For registration on the site and filling out the profile, the user gets 50 points in the aura. This is already half of what is needed in order to gain a new status.

In order to achieve a certain level, you need to earn points in the aura.

More than 10,000 points will allow you to gain the status of "Legend" and get a number of privileges and bonuses from Cardmates. But this is not easy to achieve, you need to regularly be active on the site, create high-quality and interesting blog content.

Users evaluation

The ability of a user to evaluate other people's blogs and receive points for his own posts directly depends on the status of the user. The higher the status, the higher the ability to rate other users.

For a fair distribution of points, each user can put and receive ratings only within the framework that his aura allows. This means that newly registered users cannot post more than +1 or -1 points, while a regular user of the site with an aura of 2,500 and the status of "Expert" can put up to +7 or up to -7 points. His own posts can be assessed in the same range only.

Select the desired rating
You can put the number of points that your aura will allow you
  • -6
  • -4
  • -2
  • +2
  • +4
  • +6
  • -10
  • -8
  • -6
  • -4
  • -2
  • +2
  • +4
  • +6
  • +8
  • +10

How to earn points in an aura

You can earn points in the aura by being active on the site and creating content for readers on your blog. Each user activity on the site is encouraged by points in his aura. Below is a list of activities for which you can earn points:
  • • Registration on the site: +25 points.
  • • Full profile filling: +25 points.
  • • New follower: +3 points.
  • • New subscription: +1 point.
  • • Writing a review on the site (to a poker room, film or book): +5 points.
  • • Rate of a post in GambleTalk: +1 point.
  • • Review on your profile: ± rating x10 points.
  • • GambleTalk post rating obtained: ± post rating.
  • • Comment rating obtained: ± comment rating.
  • • Received rating for the topic on the forum: ± topic rating.

For creating a blog, commenting on a post, creating a topic and commenting on a forum – additional points are not awarded.

Each user on the site can rate your post, topic, comment or profile.

Points that other users give you, the rating of your posts, the rating of the topics created on the forum and the comments are added to the aura.

In real life, a reputation can be either earned or lost. The same law applies on our website.

You can get a minus in the aura both from negative ratings of other users, and from the site administration. Site users can get banned for violating community rules, including for advertising posts and links, aggressive behavior and insulting other site members.

These actions will result in blocking and loss of points:

  • • Blocking for 1 day and -100 points.
  • • Blocking for a week and -500 points.
  • • Permanent blocking. In this case, you will not be able to create blogs in GambleTalk and use your account.

To avoid unfair competition in the framework of competitions among bloggers, the site administration monitors the activity of the contestants and can ban users who will intend to undermine the points of other contestants.

The effect of activity on getting points in the aura

Active Cardmates users in real time have the biggest influence on the site. Users who do not show activity on the site for a long time lose their aura and, consequently, their status decreases. This happens for a reason.

The formula for calculating points in an aura works so that new posts and comments have more weight, while old posts lose their influence on the aura over time.

Four time periods and their coefficient

The site has four time periods and each of them has its own coefficient, applied to points earned for this period::

  • The first 30 days – coefficient x1. Within 30 days from the date of publication creation, the entire rating that it receives is fully accrued in the user's aura.
  • From 31 to 60 days – coefficient x0.5. If more than a month has passed since the publication of the post, then its rating is multiplied by a coefficient of x0.5.
  • From 61 to 90 days – coefficient x0.25. In posts with a publication date of more than 60 days, the coefficient is 0.25.
  • More than 90 days – coefficient x0. Posts older than 90 days are not credited to the user's aura.

Important! Time periods only affect the rating of blogs, the rating of comments and topics on the forum, the points for reviews and for GambleTalk posts evaluation – the above factors apply to them. The points that you received when registering/filling out the profile, for followers and subscriptions, for the reviews in the profile – are not affected by time and the coefficients do not apply to them.

Statuses on the site allow you to participate in contests, receive bonuses from Cardmates and serve as your reputation in the community.

Upgrade your aura with blogs, reviews, comments and other Cardmates activity.

As you can see, earning points in the aura is not difficult at all. By being active on our site, you get new statuses that are your calling card in our community.


“Between January 31 and February 29, a site user earned 300 points for writing blog posts. In February, all these 300 points are multiplied by a factor of 1 and he gets 300 points to his aura.

After February 29, 30 days have passed and now the points that he received for this period are multiplied by 0.5.

If the user has earned 300 points for posts and more than 60 days have passed, this amount is multiplied by 0.25 and he will receive 75 points for this period.

Suppose that the same person earned 500 points for posts in January, and from March 1 to March 31 he earned another 250 points. Then, as of April 1, the player’s account will be = 250x1 (for March) + 300x0.5 (for February) + 500x0.25 (for January) = 525 points. The points for earlier posts will be reset to zero, since the coefficient for posts written more than 90 days ago is = 0.”

This formula works with both post ratings and comment ratings.

Time does not affect the points that the user receives from other users of the site directly in the profile.

Note! Even dates were taken for the convenience of the example. The aura has no binding to the first days of the month. If the post was written on March 16, it will be entered into the aura with a coefficient of x1 for exactly 30 days and only on the 31st day (April 15) its weight will decrease by half, on the 61st – by a quarter (May 15), and starting from the 91st day (June 14) will no longer be taken into account in the aura.

You can write all questions about the work of the aura and the points to us by mail or in the online chat.