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PokerStove calculator review

PokerStove is a free calculator for calculating equity in poker.

This article is introductory and we don’t impose an idea of using PokerStove on you.

Functionality of the program

You can see your winning odds with the help of PokerStove indicating pocket cards of players and community cards of a hand. You can also indicate cards or hand range of your opponents for a more detailed calculation.

There are both desktop and mobile versions of the program.

It is very convenient to use mobile application especially when you play on a computer and want to calculate your equity concurrently (of course not in every hand but only in particularly important moments; for example, heads-up with an opponent, you have a monster hand and the opponent goes all-in, etc.). Wherein you will not have problem with the fact that off-site soft is open on your computer. In addition, you can use the application offline due to its mobility.

Everything is pretty simple – you indicate the players’ cards and cards of a board, then you receive equity of all players for every street.

Where to download PokerStove?

Unfortunately, official site of PokerStove doesn’t work anymore. Most versions which you can find and download on the Internet will display the following error:

 PokerStove error

​But we have good news for you. We managed to find a working version of the PokerStove program on the expanse of network. To practice calculating equity when playing poker, you can download PokerStove for free on our site.

PokerStove instructions – how to use the program

First of all let’s figure out how to use PokerStove on your Android device. Of course, such soft is prohibited for using during the game in all poker rooms but if you play on computer and calculate the equity on phone (or conversely), no one will be able to figure you out.

Everything is very simple: you choose a card and indicate its suit; do the same operations for each player. Then click on the orange big button to see the results.

PokerStove calculator

​In a line, the suit is indicated not as an image, but as a letter ("s" - spades ♠, "d" - diamonds ♦, "c" - clubs ♣, "h" - hearts ♥). However, you select it as a picture at the bottom. You can also indicate suited cards (button “s” below the button of “diamonds”) or offsuit ones (button “o” below the button of “clubs”).

Formerly, you could download PokerStove on a smartphone or tablet in Play Market but recently it has been removed from app store. Instead, you can find a lot of other poker calculators in the Market.

But if you are looking for exactly this application - you can download PokerStove on android directly (an installation application is in WinRar archive).

Now let's get through the PokerStove application for PC.

Run the program as administrator

First, you need to configure a start of the application as administrator. To do this, click on a shortcut of the application with a right mouse button, select "Properties" - "Shortcut" - "Additionally", set a tick "Run as administrator".

PokerStove set up

​If you start PokerStove not through the shortcut but through .exe file, then click on “Properties” with the right mouse button and select a tab “Сompatibility”. Set the tick on item “Run this program as administrator” there.

PokerStove installation

Important: Unless set “Run as administrator”, the application will not work stably, with errors, etc.

How to use PokerStove

There is a list of players (player 1, player 2, etc.) in the application lobby.

In order to select the cards of player 1, click on inscription “Player 1”. You will see a new window with two tabs. You can indicate your cards or opponent’s cards if you have already known them for some reason in the first tab. In the tab "Preflop" you can specify a supposed hand range of the player which he has entered the game with. In same place at the bottom right you can choose the combinations of card suits which you want to remove. For this, click on the combinations that you don’t need.

Click on button “RD” (random) near the inscription “Player X” in order the statistics is calculated for random hand of the player.

Upon completion, click on “Evaluate” to calculate the equity for every player.

How to use PokerStove

​In section “Dead Cards” you can specify mucked cards which became known for some reason (if the player has mucked the cards faceup).

The functionality of the PokerStove poker calculator is quite modest but it's enough to understand how strong your hand is against the opponent's range on a particular board.