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PokerStars.es canceled rakeback for non-residents

PokerStars.es 2019

Two years ago, PokerStars.es combined the pools with French reservation, and after that the rapid growth of Spanish online poker started. At the moment, poker room is ahead of PartyPoker by traffic amount.

Despite the large influx of players from other countries, the poker room decided to make some changes. Since 11 December, all non-residents who play at PokerStars.es will stop participate in Stars Rewards program.

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Some days ago, the users received letter from PokerStars.es, in which it was stated that rakeback will be canceled for non-resident players:

Letter from PokerStars.es

The essence of letter is that rakeback and all bonus offers will be canceled for non-residents. After such PokerStars.es decision, many regulars can go to other poker rooms.

PokerStars.es has not yet decided to completely prohibit the game for those who are not the residents of Spain. It is unlikely for them to do this, because the traffic will decline significantly after that.

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