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PokerStars.com vs PokerStars.eu: what's the difference?

PokerStars.com and PokerStars.eu

In the poker rooms PokerStars.com and PokerStars.eu the same players play in the same games... So what is the difference between the two platforms then?

In fact, they differ only in the fact that .eu and .com clients have different licenses.

Here's what Stars write about it:

“Having obtained the .eu license through the Malta Gambling Commission, we decided to let players from some countries play through the .eu license and not through the .com license issued by the Isle of Man Gambling Control Commission. 

This in no way affects the game on our site, except for the need to use the client version .eu instead of the version of the client .com that the players used earlier. The client programs are almost identical, and players can use all the options that they are used to and play against the same players around the world as they have done so far”.

Some players are forced to play exclusively on the PokerStars.eu or PokerStars.com platform. Others may choose either of these two clients.

PokerStars.com and .eu players have access to the same games and can play against each other, i.e. you will continue to play on the largest online poker platform in the world, regardless of which of these two licenses is available in your country.

A similar situation exists with the PokerStars Sochi platform.

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