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PokerStars is ready to launch New Spin&Go Flash

PokerStars 2019

PokerStars developed a new kind of Spin&Go which will be called Spin&Go Flash. So far, these spins are in the testing regime and it is not known how they will look.

PokerStars users suppose that it will be a quick version of traditional spins. Such tournaments can be held both in Hold'em and in Omaha.

In standard spins, the game usually lasts from 6 to 11 minutes. In the new version, everything can be solved in less than 5 minutes.

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Is the new Spin&Go Flash format analogue of Expresso Nitro on Winamax?

Some days ago, a new format of Expresso Nitro spins appeared on Winamax. The play lasts only a few minutes in such tournaments. The players start to play with a stack of 300 chips, rather than 500, and the blind levels increase every minute.

This game became very popular among Winamax users. The prize pools reach the mark of $1 000 000 in it.

The frequency of jackpot is much higher than in regular spins, since more games of this format are held per day. It is possible that something similar will appear at PokerStars.

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