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PokerStars has a new "all in cash out" feature

PokerStars 2019

It became known in early July that PokerStars is going to add a new all in cash out feature. This option is already available in the game for play money, and soon it will appear at the cash tables. It will allow the players to withdraw money while they are in all-in situation.

Such feature allows the players in all-in situation with no action pending to disengage from playing out the remainder of hand in exchange for cash payout equal to their equity in the pot minus an administrative fee equal to 1% of their equity.


The player goes all-in on the flop with a hand, which has 80% equity in a $100 pot. The player can make cash out before the turn and river. In this case, he is guaranteed to receive $80 regardless of whether he wins the hand, or not.  

The decision whether to make cash out or not belongs only to the player and it depends on him whether he will finish the play prematurely. You can see an example of such function on the video:

All in cash out feature appeared at all the tables of No-Limit Hold'em, Omaha, and Hold'em 6+. The players have opportunity to deactivate this option in the settings. After a trial game for play chips, the function may appear both in the international client and in the separate pools.  

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