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PokerSnowie review


PokerSnowie is a modern poker program which is intended to improve players’ productivity in No Limit Hold'em. This is a kind of poker training simulator based on the optimal game theory or GTO.

This clearly intuitive and amusing software will suit beginners well. It will help you to become a stronger player, to increase your level of experience quickly and to avoid mistakes in the game. At the same time, the experienced regulars could also train the poker skill.

The program analyzes and estimates your game and also it gives advice that is considered to be the most optimal and correct according to GTO.

You can start to work in PokerSnowie in several simple steps:

1. Import the hands

In order to estimate your game process, the program has to analyze a history of your played hands. Click on “Import”, select a folder of hands and/or hand history which you want to analyze and start to download them/it.

Import PokerSnowie

2. Make an analysis

Select the hands which you want to analyze and then click on «View analysis».

Analysis PokerSnowie

3. Get your rating

PokerSnowie will display you a review of analyzed hands.

You will get the following information:

  • Errors that you made according to the program.
  • Your error rate and how you are estimated by PokerSnowie.
  • How much EV you have lost because of the found errors.

 PokerSnowie rating

4. Analyze your mistakes

Go through your mistakes by clicking on the link or in the "Hands" menu.

 PokerSnowie mistakes

You will be able to filter a view by mistakes, by action, by street or by other available filters.

5. Make a challenge to PokerSnowie

The game versus PokerSnowie is a perfect way of training and improving your playing.

Click on “Challenge”, configure your own table, type of the game, level of the bet and buy-in. Just click on real time evaluation in order to get advice when playing.

PokerSnowie Challenge

​6. Try a scenario

A "Scenario" function is great for creating your own situation in poker and for getting PokerSnowie’s estimation of the best game, hand ranges and several other factors.

PokerSnowie Scenario

That is all.

The program is easy to use; try it on your own poker hands.

Software creators claim that the program is very easy and intuitively clear in settings and in using, therefore it will not be difficult for you to customize it as you like.

But if PokerSnowie is not so "intuitively clear" as they claim, then short video-instructions of PokerSnowie in English language will help you to sort out the settings.

Import, analysis and hand viewing: 

Options and database management:

Filters, statistics and balance:

Analysis tools (PokerSnowie Preflop Advisor):


Evaluation and hand strength:

Scenarios (PokerSnowie Scenario):

There are three possible ways of buying this poker simulator: Starter, Intermediate and Pro.

PokerSnowie Starter includes:

  • Challenge PokerSnowie with online-helps
  • Hands viewing
  • Mistake rate, playing balance, statistics and helps
  • Uploading and analyze of 500 hands for real money a month
  • Analyze of 100 scenarios a month

The price of the simplest “starting” plan is 2,92$ a month.

PokerSnowie Intermediate includes:

  • Challenge PokerSnowie with online-tips
  • Hands viewing
  • Mistake rate, playing balance, and statistics
  • Uploading and analyze of 8 000 hands for real money a month
  • Analyze of 1 200 scenarios a month
  • Advice on preflop playing

The price of the “intermediate” plan is 8,25$ a month.

PokerSnowie Pro includes:

  • Challenge PokerSnowie with online-tips
  • Hands viewing
  • Mistake rate, playing balance, and statistics
  • Uploading and analyze of 120 000 hands for real money a month
  • Analyze of 3 000 scenarios a month
  • Hand ranges
  • Advice on preflop playing
  • Recommendations on ranges

The price of pro-plan is 19,16$ a month.

You can test the program absolutely for free in a 10-day trial period.

What does PokerSnowie Free Trial include?

  • Expanded functions including up to 1 000 hands of Challenge PokerSnowie with online-tips.
  • Analysis of 3 000 hands at any limits of NLH cash-games (HU, 6 max, full ring).
  • Preview of such options as:
  • Scenarios
  • Preflop playing advice
  • Recommendations on ranges
  • Hand ranges

Download PokerSnowie trial and test the program in a 10-day period and then you can decide yourself whether you need such program or not.