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Poker rooms that offer no deposit bonus 2020

This page contains a list of poker rooms that offer no deposit bonus. Not all poker sites provide free initial capital, and such offers are often limited in time.

No deposit bonus poker 2020 is a special kind of bonus that only new players can get. A user just needs to register in the poker room and after that, free money will be credited to his account. The bonus almost always is enrolled instantly, but there are times when a player must independently contact the support service of the room and claim the bonus.

Best No Deposit Poker Bonuses

Category "A"
Logo Category "A"
Category "A" - reliable and authoritative poker rooms that have established themselves in the market long ago.
Logo No deposit bonus of $88 at registration!
No deposit bonus of $88 at registration!
Up to 5%
First deposit bonus
100% bonus up to $400
10/10Players 7/10Soft 10/10Reliability 9/10Reviews 10/10Bonuses
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The free instant bonus of $88 from 888poker is the most famous and popular no deposit bonus in the world of online poker. Already tens of thousands of players have taken advantage of this offer. Many still successfully continue to play in the poker room, and some have even become professional poker players.

After registering at 888Poker, the player will instantly receive $1 in cash and $7 in the form of tournament tickets. The remaining $80 will go to the player’s account gradually: just play poker, earn game points and get extra money for it.

Instant no deposit bonus – advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of no deposit bonuses for registration:

  • Online poker for money without investments. The player gets a chance to play poker for real money without risking his own money;
  • The poker player will get a tremendous experience of the game without investing a penny;
  • Real money is credited immediately after registration;
  • It often happens that in addition to a no deposit bonus, a player also receives free tickets for closed freerolls.


  • Poker rooms give small bonuses. In general, the no deposit bonus amount rarely exceeds $10;
  • Before crediting free poker capital, the room may request personal documents to make sure that the player has reached the needed age and has the right to play poker for money;
  • Bonuses are often limited in time, so not everyone has time to take advantage of this offer;
  • The bonus is issued only once per person.

By the way, the advantages of no deposit bonuses cross out all the disadvantages, because the main goal of a novice player is to try a game for real money without financial risks, and no deposit bonuses is the best way to play poker without money.

Tips before getting a no deposit poker bonus 2020

  • Learn poker combinations first and learn the basics of poker strategy. Thus, you will significantly increase your chances of winning;
  • If you have the opportunity to get several no-deposit poker in different poker rooms, do not play simultaneously on all poker sites. First, gain experience in one poker room, and if you lose, you will have another chance to create a decent poker bankroll, but this time you will play much better;
  • Start playing with the lowest limits, where there are significantly more inexperienced players;
  • After the sessions, analyze your game, watch poker videos, so that next time you will return to the poker table as a stronger player.


No deposit poker bonus is one of the best options to start a poker career in 2020. Firstly, you do not risk your own money. Secondly, you will not play for play money, but for real money, so your winnings will be real. This is the most reliable way to start playing online poker for real money without investment.