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PokerGrant (closed)
PokerGrant (closed)
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PokerGrant review

PokerGrant was poker room with a sad story. It was created in 2016 by the ambitious Russian players just on the wave of protests against PokerStars innovations. It was appropriate more than ever, and conception of the poker room was quite attractive. The main idea of PokerGrant was to create a poker room by “the players for players” and to make the active players as investors of the room in the literal sense of the word. I.e. to give a part of company’s shares to the players who will play, attract the other users, participate in management and invest. These shares were expected to yield the dividends for them in the future.

The main ideologists and first investors and representatives of the poker room became the following players: Andrey "aangier" Pateychuk, Andrey "Tyler" Streltsov, Gleb "Ti0" Tremzin, Vitaly "hiNt" Volov. These are successful Russian players with a good reputation in the poker community.

Despite the tone of critics and skepticism, the poker room was officially launched on 2 April, 2016.

However, at that moment the shortcomings were noticed in the poker room, and the loyal players just pointed those shortcomings to the room’s owners and asked to eliminate them. There was still a hope that PokerGrant would operate and become a competitive poker room.

Over the time, the situation hadn’t improved and complaints about PokerGrant began to appear in the network.

Despite the number of problems with soft, the absence of game became the main problem of PokerGrant. Even hausplayers didn’t help to keep an action.

By the end of 2016, a large-scale updating of the poker room was made. It renewed an activity, but didn’t save poker room from collapse.

Scandals with PokerGrant

The scandals which were discussed at the forums concerning a dishonest play, problems with spins and users blockage, markedly spoiled the reputation of the poker room.

Then, six months after official launching, the information that poker room buys its shares from the players for a small amount began to appear.

What happened to PokerGrant in 2018?

Now, you can’t find any reasonable information about PokerGrant. Poker room lost its popularity, people stopped talking about it (even bad things).

Unfortunately, poker room wasn’t able to withstand competition and remain at the gambling market.