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Poker program GTO+


GTO+ is a powerful and fast poker calculator that allows you to make GTO calculations for any poker street with an algorithm as close as possible to the Nash equilibrium.

Advantages and capabilities of GTO+

 Speed is one of the best available GTO calculation algorithms.

 Small size of saved files. the size of one file will not exceed 100MB.

  You can compare calculations with each other.

 Tree constructor with the ability to set several bid sizes.

 Built-in tools for analyzing solutions , while other solvers require manual copying.

 Flexible charting system.

 Calculations with a Nash distance of 0%. The turn and river counts with a Nash distance of 0%

 Displaying the influence of deleted cards in any part of the tree using a switch.

  The ability to recalculate decision1 on the turn and river on another board.

System requirements:

- operating system Windows 7 and newer (64-bit version recommended);

- quad-core processor with a frequency of 2 GHz;

- from 8 GB of free RAM;

- from 10 GB of free hard disk space.

Video on using this program:

Program price: $75

Good luck!

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